Category: Lighting
partner: Mohammad Amin Abbaszadeh
year: 2017-2018

Let the light free, and it will transcend all expectations. This project was done for Lamp Design Competition Award. The theme for the L A M P 2018 International Lighting Design Competition was balance. A new user experience is achieved through the rotation of a magnetic light source surrounded by an iron ring. The main challenges were the methods of adjustment to the statics of the light source, proper function of the intra-built magnet, and production of different light effects. By rotating the light source, the beams' symmetrical rotation is blocked by the shade and results into forming dynamic light arcs which are in and out of balance as they emerge and fade synchronously but never die out. Enso defines balance by halving all the light elements stay in perfect proportion. Fixing the magnet, Enso stabilizes by halving the beams into two identical light-shadow arcs. Since the minimal design is in high harmony with the light effects' forms, the light's physical shape merges into the light-shadow arcs and becomes a tranquil whole.

Enso Enso Enso Enso Enso Enso

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